Class topics

Week 1  - Why Oh Why Did I Eat That

Week2 - Grave The Crave (control and kill cravings)

Week 3 - Nutrigenomics  (how food alters your DNA)

Week 4 - Let Food Be Thy Medicine    

                    (how food effects your immune system)

Week 5 - Ouch It Hurts (pain and inflammation)

Week 6 - My Fat Is So Emotional

                    (why emotions are stored in you fat cells)

Week 7 - Rejuvenate your Super Powers (increase your brain power)

Week 8 - Has Anyone Seen My Libido? 

Week 9 - Holistic Beauty Tips For Radiant Skin

Week 10 - How To Feed 10 People With a 2 lb Chicken

Week 11 - Muscle and the Fountain of Youth

Week 12 - Living with Passion and Purpose