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Forever Young

I like to think of myself as young: young in heart at least, if not actually young in years. (I am almost 53) I often get asked if it is possible to stay "Forever Young" when it comes to our health and well being.

Here are a couple of tips I try to implement every day to keep and maintain my "youthful glow" that I want to pass along to you. These two basic tips may seem obvious, but the power is in actually implementing these tips consistently over time. After all the new 50 is 30 and the new 60 is 40.

Tip #1: Eat less.

I know, right, simple or is it? Here's how it works. If I eat more food than I can burn off in a day (calories) than that extra food is stored as fat.

Over time, the increasing fat stores lead to chronic inflammation and disease. Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer just to name the big ones. So with respect to long-term health, it's a very good idea to avoid overeating. Of course, if you are like me, you love food. I give myself a free day or at least a meal once a week that is just plane fun. If you eat within your caloric range six days a week, the seventh can be a "free day" or a meal that you just want to eat. Such a system works very well for ongoing optimal weight management (which, of course, means ongoing health and well-being, contributing to our notion of "forever young").1 You will find as you eat healthier you do not want to or need to eat the "bad stuff" or have a cheat day because your body has acclimated to good healthy foods. I know if I over eat, I get bloated and feel miserable. It is just not worth it.

Tip #2Exercise more.

You have seen pictures of Jack Lalanne who was super fit. He was "old" when I was a kid but he sure didn't look it. One of his secrets was a life of exercises. He made a "habit" of working out. If you have not worked out or exercised in a long time the good news is you can still benefit for years to come if you start exercising now.2,3

The secret to exercise is to Just Start and then keep it up. I know for me, if i miss my exercise for a couple of days I feel tired and out of sorts. You'll find that your new habit of exercise is providing all kinds of surprising benefits including deeper sleep, increased energy and of course weight loss and a slimmer waistline.

Eating less and exercising more are simple solutions but to reap the benefits, you actually have to do them.

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