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Suck it up "Gut'r Cup"

Have you ever been in a place where you where down and out, depressed? Or perhaps you are just not feeling well, but you had to "Suck it Up" and pretend to be happy, or pretend to feel good? Or maybe you are in a situation where you are always getting "knots" in your stomach whenever you are stressed. Someone might say to you "its just in your head" Suck it up Buttercup"!

Well its not all in your head In fact, It is probably in your gut. Science has discovered your gut is your "second brain". It has a major roll in how you feel. The nervous system that runs your gut, the enteric nervous system (ENS) has more than 100 million nerve cells. (thats more than the spine)

When you respond to stress, your "flight or flight system" activates. Lets say for example you see a policeman with his lights on in your rear view mirror, you have a physical reaction: your palms might get sweaty and you might feel your heartbeat quicken. Thats an immediate response to a stress. When you have constant stress over a long period of time, wether it is physical, or emotional your body responds in the same way but in a slower fashion. This is CRONIC INFLAMMATION! The body treats this chronic inflamation (stress) as an infection and tries to overcome it. Prolonged stress cause serious health issues like high blood pressure, depression, nervousness, anxiety as well as a number of autoimmune disorders. The types of bacteria found in the gut — “good bacteria” — play a role in how your immune system, your (ENS) responds to this chronic inflammation. This "Microbiome" as it is called needs to be healthy.

So how do you keep your microbiome in your Gut Health so your "second brain: can cope with the stress of life?

1. Avoid Process Foods

2. Eat Healthy Fats

2. Eat foods rich with pre and probiotics.

To keep your "Second Brain" healthy eating healthy fats like olive oil, for instance, helps protect your cells because of its anti oxidant properties. Olive oil also helps improve memory and cognitive function. Avocados, are another great source for good fats. These fats are know to help digestion, improve mood and aid in heart health.

Did you know that 60% of the American diet is made up of not only processed foods but ultra processed foods. These ultra processed foods are foods like white bread, potato chips, sugar infused breakfast cereal just to name a few, are the main staple of most Americans. The added sugar found in these foods, often disguised as different types of artificial sweeteners, are responsible for a variety of health conditions, from obesity to type 2 diabetes to migraines. All this causes your "Second Brain" (your gut) to be sick and not work well. Making you feel moody depressed, tired, anxious, cranky, and the list goes on.

On the other hand, a diet based on whole foods helps your "Second Brain" to be happy and vibrant. To help your Gut, eat dark green leafy vegetables. Eat non genetically modified foods. Basically if it comes in a plastic bag or a box and it is "simple and quick", than it is not healthy.

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